Hier findest du einige unserer Artikel und Blog-Einträge. Wir schreiben vor allem über digitales Marketing und unsere Startup-Erfahrungen. 

Digital advertising needs a savior

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It may sound extreme, but let’s be honest the truth isn’t always pretty. You might wonder if the headline is true or not. Not by ruining your day and only telling you how ill digital advertising is, but also giving you an idea for a solution. In order to describe what’s wrong it is necessary to tackle two perspectives, the first one will be the one of a marketer and the second one will be about the costumer. Let’s state some facts. Weiterlesen...

The future of digital marketing

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Today we will tell you more about the idea we envisioned. First, let us illustrate our concept and the idea in general. We are aiming to be the liberator of the marketing industry and of the consumers. How will we do it? Simple, we will use a different marketing approach, by combining couponing and gaming. Our service will change the entire customer experience as well as the way businesses campaign. Weiterlesen...

The Way We GoForIt

the way we go for it.png

So far, we have been telling you who we are and what we do, however, we haven’t told you how we do it and why we do it. Our Co-founder Jorge was excited to tell us more about the technology we use and about his project management approach. Weiterlesen...

Our co-working experience at WeWork

Co-Working experience.png

Have you ever wondered what it is like to work in a co-sharing space? We at GoForIt Walk&Win have that experience every day. There are definitely some advantages and fun aspects when working in a co-working space, however, there are also less pleasant experiences. Whether you are an entrepreneur and consider moving your office into a co-sharing space or you are an employee who’s considering joining a company that operates out of a co-working space this article should help you with your decision. Weiterlesen...